When Your Snake Arrives

The first thing you will want to do when your snake arrives is to set it up in its new cage and provide a fresh bowl of water. The shipping process can dehydrate the snake so it will probably be thirsty.

Try to resist the urge to handle your new ball python too much. Your snake is going to be stressed from shipping and its new surroundings. Giving it a few days without handling will allow the snake to adjust and settle in.  The sooner it gets comfortable, the sooner it will eat and thrive for you.

Once your snake has settled in for a few days you can attempt to feed it. I always recommend feeding the snake what it was eating here.  After a few feedings you can try and switch to whatever food item you prefer.  I would also suggest that you attempt these first feedings in the evening. Snakes are more active in the evening and a shy snake that is still unsure of its surroundings will feel more comfortable eating at this time.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.